Longest surviving President/Vice President?

Jimmy Carter and Walter Mondale left office in 1981. That’s thirty seven years ago and both men are still alive.

Has there been any other pair of a President and Vice President who both survived that long after leaving office? And if not, which pair was in second place?

The first question is a definite no, as Carter and Mondale each hold the individual records as well.

I’m just eyeballing the two lists, but I think the runners up were Bush and Quayle.

Bush and Quayle hit twenty-five years before Bush’s recent death. Looking at the list I see that Adams and Jefferson also reached twenty-five years although they were a few months short of Bush and Quayle’s stretch.

And Walter Mondale is still a licensed attorney in Minnesota (for 62 years, since 1956). Though he no longer represents individual clients, he still comes in to the office occasionally, and can be seen walking through the skyways in downtown Minneapolis.

Famously, they both died the same July 4th. Talk about taking the ticket thing to the extreme.

Except they weren’t on a ticket. :wink:

But they did hold office as President and Vice President together.