Longest you've ever gone without a full body shower or bath?

That’s it, whole question.

Oh, also interested in voluntarily vs. involuntarily.


21 days when crossing the Atlantic on a yacht. However, salt water splash washing did occur.

Probably a week when I had a really bad flu and just couldn’t muster the energy.

Several 5-day hiking trails over the course of the years…

11 days while trekking in the mountains, back home in India. Quite early on in the trip, my friend and I tried to wash our hair in a glacial meltwater stream. That was a bad idea, and all personal hygiene was abandoned after we recovered from our skull-crushing headaches. I think it’s also true that you don’t get - or perhaps feel - quite as dirty when walking at altitude in the mountains as you would when in a city or lower down on the plains.

Two weeks - backpacking, very ripe!

Ditto. On the time and the ripe.

Devorin, I don’t think it’s so much a matter of urban vs mountainy dirt as indoors versus outdoors. It’s just not as noticeable when you’re in the breeze.

One month, trekking in Nepal. We could wash our faces from time to time. I’ve gone two weeks hiking many times, but those usually included a swim.

Week or so in the hospital.

Can’t tell, am still going at it.

A week rafting down the Grand Canyon. We tried to wash in the river but the Colorado is pretty muddy (at least through the canyon) and just added more dirt. I remember how filthy the water was going down the shower drain when we got to Vegas after the trip and how much I enjoyed being clean and sleeping in clean sheets!

Within memory of adult life, I think 3 days. I have washed in some pretty dodgy/rustic locales.

Three months! I broke my hip, and the only full bathroom in the house is on the second floor. For three months I washed up at the kitchen sink. I thought I was doing a pretty good job but that cloud of funk that wafted off during that first shower told me different. Yuck.

Five days. This was at summer camp. The camp counsellors got to take showers, but the campers did not. At least we swam in the pool every day.

When I was involuntarily commited to the local cuckoo’s nest, it took me 14 hours to get something to eat, 38 hours to get some basic toiletries and be allowed to take a shower, but only two hours to get [del]drugs[/del] medications.

I gues taking medication is 7 times more important than eating and 19 times more important than cleanliness!

A couple of weeks, during camping trips. Like everybody else, ripe and stinky. A hot shower never felt so good!

About a week on a camping trip. That’s been ages ago.

8 days. I was on a Venezuelan naval ship underway, and the ship didn’t have any working evaporators.

It was pretty hot and humid - we were in the tropics, after all. Berthing areas were pretty smelly.

Months due to hospitalization and recovery.

Two days. Even when I camp, I wash in the lake (and make sure one is available).