Longshot Thread--What brand was my pen?

I had a pen recently which I really liked. I didn’t buy it myself, it was just one of those pens that wandered in and then out of my purview as pens tend to do. I did look it up once, and it was not super expensive, I seem to recall it being around $10 I think.

Anyway, it’s gone now, and I want to get another one, but I’ve apparently blanked on the name of the brand (or model, I’m not sure whether the word I saw was a brand or model).

I thought it was called “Tru,” with a line over the u. But googling turns up no results for that.

So here’s the longshot question. Any idea what brand or model of pen this might have been? What I know about it is:

It wrote real nice.
Its name was I think probably something like “tru” with a line over the u.
It cost around $10 I think.

As to appearance, it wasn’t like a shiny silver pen, it had rather a kind of industrial plastic-and-metal look and feel.

ETA It was not tru-stone.


It was TUL.

Thanks everyone. :wink:

(And I was misremembering the price by a large amount.)