Look Both Ways - best film I've seen for ages!

I saw this new Australian film several days ago and I can’t stop thinking about it. A joyful film about death sounds like impossible but this one does it, brilliantly. The acting is just right - not showy, doesn’t get in the way of the storytelling, understated but terrific. The lead actress is wonderful, just perfect for the part - awkward, uncertain, and very funny. Some of the actors who appear in several scenes have no lines, or only a handful, but this just underscores the quiet intensity of the script.

It reminded me of some of Altman’s best stuff, separate story threads that wind in and out of each other, sometimes intimately intertwined and sometimes very briefly touching. Can’t think of anyother movie it compares to very closely, State and Main would be the nearest I can think of, although this is less of a comedy and more a thinking and feeling film.

I’ve no idea if or when it’s going to get released elsewhere, but catch it if you can.

Thanks for the review, you’ve got my interest.
Moviefone has the film in it’s database but doesn’t say anything about a U.S. release.

The Director is no rookie, her credits go back 15 years, and yet I’ve never heard of any of her films. has anyone seen any of her other films? Any good?

They’re all animated shorts, I believe, and no I’d never heard of her or them before either. Her husband, the male lead, is quite well-known here in Australia though.