Look, I defended you when you sent us that mad cow. . .

. . . but you damned Canadians should keep your motherhumping arctic cold fronts to your freakin’ selves.

My face is chapped. My toes are cramping. It’s a piss freezing -2 with the windchill. Stop sending us this shit!

pfeh Wimp! Here in Toronto, we call it “patio weather.”

Uhm, when riding a horse shouldn’t you put your chaps on yous legs. Just some friendly helpful advice from a person who lives where the snow don’t go. :slight_smile:

LOL Biggirl … I was ready for a fight … but now that I read the rest of your post … only one thing to say:

I ’ M S O R R Y ! ! !

Not that it will make you feel any better, but we’re about to get hit with a COLDER THAN A WITCH’S NIPPLE cold front too. We’re talking MINUS 18 FARENHEIT plus windchill, which ends up being about -42. At that temp, Celcius and Farenheit meet up and are about the same. THAT is how cold it is.

But before you blame Canada, shit there must be somewhere that WE are getting it from! Who’s in charge of the Arctic? I’ve got a complaint to lodge!

Yeah, thanks, Canada…

…Thanks for dicking with our Jet Stream…

…razzin’ frazzin’ frostbacks…

Um, I’m pretty sure that’s you guys. You know, if you can’t keep track of the territory you have you should give it to someone else who can. Like the Danes. They seem to do a good job with Greenland so they’ve got some experience with this arctic thing.

I think it’s time for a rousing rendition of “Blame Canada” ala South Park :smiley:

BigGirl, where my parents are, on Monday it was -50. Without the windchill.

Perhaps you should just be thanking your lucky stars rather than ranting at this point. :slight_smile:

You there Canadians, all proud and stuff: You like it, you make it, you keep it!

How many fucking times do I have to tell you not to call me a Mad Cow? I’m so gonna kick your n-rican butt next weekend.

Or buy you a beer. Whichever.

-2 with the winchill?

It was -41 here with the winchill the other night. I thought we were being kind sending you the mild weather :wink:

Tomorrow it’s warming up to -4 which is practically shorts weather.

Count your blessings.

Last year they sent us their snow.

I was in Montreal a few years ago and was talking to a native about their weather. “Don’t you get tired of the winters here?”

“Yes,” she said, “I’m saving up so I can move south where it’s warmer.”

“Oh, where are you moving?”


. . . and she was serious . . .

I’d think Eve’s anecdote was funny if I didn’t have one closer to home.

My grandfather moved from Presque Isle, ME to Portsmouth, NH because the winters were much milder.

The kicker is, he was right. They are.

33C here today. I think I’ll have a beer. :smiley:

27 C here in the Caribbean.
I just thought you wanted to know.

"Oh, I’ve grown pale beneath the streets of Montreal
Where the voices ring like bells in French-Canadian
And the rivers stand imprisoned till the thaws
I am alone at night and dream of my own Pontchartrain

I’m goin’ back where my garden blooms all year
Where the wintertime speaks softly in the fallin’ rain
I’m goin’ back to my green eyed lover there
and we will dance along the banks of old Lake Pontchartrain"

From Nanci Griffith’s song “Banks of the Pontchartrain”

Sounds like some of y’all need to head South!

Mr. avabeth and I have discussed moving to Canada.

Considering I can’t even take the cold in Virginia right now, I think we’ll skip becoming Canucks. sigh…another dream shot down.

On the other hand, Mexico’s looking pretty fucking good from here.


I’ve always been tempted to move to Canada. I like winter. Yes, I know I’m deranged, but I’m sick of all the darn wussy winters we’ve been getting down here lately.

I’ll have you know that the current spate of frosty goodness is the direct result of my patented 7 day snowdance…

Celine Dion? How could you. . . ?