Look mam, no hands

People on here often ask if the voice recognition software works. The answer the question I have installs my old copy of Dragon and in typing this without bothering to correct the areas. When I say areas , I mean errors.

I had done the minimum training which is about 15 minutes, and the Eurovision is playing loudly in the background. The software will develop more in the more I read to it. I am quite fascinated that already knew about Eurovision!!

I have just turned down the television and my recognition statistics have gone through the roof, you can see yourself no areas. Crap!

I can easily spell worried that the software doesn’t know such as sdmb. I mean warrants. Words.
It is grubby taking the five minutes to write this much. Probably taking the need five minutes. As you can see I have turned the television volume backup! :smiley: look they made a Smiley!

I can drop back in later in the week, and see if it is improved. I will read a few more pages is training during the week. What then finding the hardest is speaking in full sentences as opposed to making it up as a goal on. As I go a long. The software much easier time interpreting full sentences. The start thinking the middle of the sentence it has no idea what you’re going to say. Unfortunately, I am not a very organised Tinker, I mean thinker…dot bloody Dublin accidents, accents!

Okay enough of this idiocy, this is taking more than ten minutes now, has taken a mean! Maybe this will teach me to speak a little clearer. At present its more fond Torry than anything I could use. A fond Torry. The fond Torry. Crap!