Look out Manhattan, here comes SUE!!!


Yep, it’s official. I’m moving to Manhattan.

More specifically the Upper West Side, per hubby’s request. (“It’s young enough not to be boring and old enough not to be freaky.”)

I will be coming sometime in June for a looksee and in July for hard-core renting attempts/logistics…hoping to move in as of August 1. (all of this is subject to change, of course)

Hubby will be there next week, living in a hotel during the week and coming home on weekends.

Not selling this joint, nor renting it out. We’re lucky to have Hubby’s cousin in the area and being a school teacher, she lives in a hovel. She (and her ass of a fiance) is going to be offered free rent in exchange for utilities and general upkeep.

So, you know what this means? We have TWO DOPEFESTS to plan! One here to drink the rest of the beer in the house…and one there to get plastered on the firm!!!


Damn, just when I thought I was going to get a chance to call a mod a Nazi!

From delphica

Thank for the recommendation. If we have a choice (sometimes they like to use specific companies) we’ll go with this one. They have a great website and it looks like they represent nice properties.

From obfusciatrist

Maybe we’ll be lucky enough to get a terrace! I’m sort of an exhibitionist, ya know. :smiley:

From Demo

Look, up in the air! It’s Bias Guy Two! :smiley:

From Ukulele Ike

Hey, at least I know NOT to call you UKE IKE across a bar! (Who said that? I thought it was hilarious!)

From stuyguy

[Jim Carrey]


From Little Nemo

I want to thank you for putting it in this perspective. It’s made it a lot less traumatic.

Thanks folks!

What does this have to do with Coldfire? :smiley:

Looking forward to meeting you, Sue! :slight_smile:

We try to meet every thursday night. (althoug I have been missing lately)

Are you going to keep you car? I gave up my car when I moved here and I actually love not having one.


Was it something I said? I move here, and two of our BAD’s move away! :wink:

Best of luck to you in Manhattan, Sue… make sure you meet Maeglin while you’re out there, he’s a real New Yawka. Maybe he’ll even say “fugghetaboutit” for you.

The only request I have is don’t have a going away party the weekend of June 2nd! I’ll be home in RI. Not that I’ll make a dent in the beer, but I’d love to be able to be there.

Ahhh! NOOOOO!!! First oldie, now sue!!! Gah, this sucks, all our BADs are moving to the east coast :(. Sue, you BEST have a going away party. And DONT do it the weekend of the 2nd, i wont be able to make it, not the 16th (I’ll let demo tell why (hint, demmie)). Anyway, please dont go without letting us see you one last time :frowning:


I can’t wait to meet you (and Dr.Matrix)!


Yes, but we’re not moving them.

Damn it to hell, Sue, that bums me out. I was looking forward to hanging out with you more, especially after all the compliments you gave me on my ass. All I can think to say is sheeeeeeeeeeit. I’ll miss you, even though I haven’t been hanging out much with the BADs lately (family problems, who cares).
But for CHrist’s sake, you’re letting your husband’s cousin and her ass boyfriend stay in that palace for free? Come on, cousins aren’t even real family - they’re the people you marry when you start to realize your chances for a meaningful love life are spinning down the crapper with yesterday’s chili. Man, f*ck that stank ho and her gold-digging fiance! Heck, I’m plenty indigent, and better looking too, I’ll wager. For the love of God, WHEN DOES WOODSTOCK GET HIS FREE HOUSE?
Anyhoo, I hope you love New York. If I could afford to live there, it’d be my first choice. Maybe when you move out of that house you can give it to me. I’ll even marry your hubby’s cousin, if need be (somebody’s got to).
But all joking aside, I want the house.

mmm… yes, i’d say another dopefest will be necessesary, if we’re losing our greatest hostess. (not between the 2nd and the 11th, tho… i’ll be gone then)

i always said that i’d move to NYC once i finally got sick of SF, so you might not be rid of me yet. :smiley: i’m getting to like it here more and more, though, so it could be a while.

Don’t rule out the Upper East. For that matter, don’t rule out any neighborhood 'til you’ve been there. Trust me. While Hell’s Kitchen and most of Harlem (for example) used to get very bad press, both neighborhoods have some truly sweet spots.

I believe that was me, quite some time ago. At any rate, I’m taking credit for it, so NYAH. :slight_smile:

So Sue, does this mean it’s time for that barbecue party? This is unbelievable news, but I’m used to it by now. Sort of par for the course with you.

Welcome to New York, you king of the hill, you. I know my fellow NY Dopers are always up for a fest, and new blood, I mean, a new New Yorker, is always a good excuse for us natives to venture to unexplored areas of the city. The cool thing about being a New Yorker is that no matter how long you live here, there is always somewhere new to venture. At the last dope fest, we were plotting out a very exciting schedule of summer activities.

Looking forward to buying you a drink!

Hey Sue,

Glad to hear you’re coming to the City. As an Upper West Sider for the past 10 years, I’d agree that this is the place to be. Can’t wait to meet you.


Welcome! Oh, I’m glad to hear and wish you the best of luck on finding a place.

(oh, and if you recall I thought I was moving to NYC “temporarily,” too! That was ten years ago this August…)

Yet another person to meet on my next NYC visit.

Lets see who makes the trip first…
You to Istanbul, or me to NYC?

Rule out the Upper East Side.