Looking at the night sky, do (any of the stars seem colored to you?

Simple question, but I’ll complicate the poll by breaking the categories down by sex and tendency toward suspicion.

Yes, some of them are orange to my eyes, and some of them are blue. Most are white, though.

(I don’t see the poll yet, but I’m female and age 50).

It’s up now. Vote now or the halfling dies.

For the record I don’t see colored stars, I see stars of color.

Had a clear sky last night and I saw greenish, reddish and blueish stars, there was also a pulsating red/orange star that was spectacular. I am always amazed but the night sky


Yes, except I’m not 50.

A careful study of the sky away from city lights will reveal all sorts of colors.

Some stars are definitely colored. I noticed Betelgeuse’s reddish tint before I knew what it was called or knew anything about it.

Not necessarily so. Not everyone has the same visual acuity. My wife can see all kinds of star colors, as can my baby sister and my older brother; my younger sister, my sister-in-law, & I cannot. And I’m specifically referring to the sky as seen from a farm from the city lights.

Yep, it’s not pronounced but Betelgeuse, Arcturus and Aldebaran visibly differ from Rigel, Sirius and Procyon, to give some obvious examples.

While looking at a prominent star through binoculars, jiggle them slightly. The star becomes a crazy dancing blur, but the colors within that blur can be striking. I’m not sure exactly what the colors represent, but still.

Once when visiting a rather remote rural area I did notice an orange star in the night sky, but I assumed it was actually the planet Mars and not a real star at all. I suppose it may have been Betelgeuse instead; prior to this thread I’d never heard of Betelgeuse being orangish.

You can tell lots of things about stars by the wavelengths of light they emit.

I don’t really notice, but then I can’t see very much of the stars where I live anyway.

I can, but with the caveat that I might very well be looking at planets and thinking they’re stars.

I can see a bit of red in Mars, and sometimes, on very, VERY clear nights, I can see a little blue in Vega, but, otherwise, no, the stars are little points of white.

This thread is racialist

Exactly. “colored” has been thrown out of the vernacular for decades now. However, “African American stars” is not a name recognized internationally. Of course, a black hole is, and I can’t begin to describe the revulsion that causes.

Dude, don’t even go there.

I voted yes, but actually, they seem coloured to me. :slight_smile:

Some are more pronounced than others (Betelgeuse, as noted, particularly stands out)

No. They all look white to me at all times.