Looking for 2 management books which title eludes me

Hi all,

This is a rather atypical “what’s the title of the book” request, because those deals with management instead of a good fictional story, but I have searched everywhere (bookshops, amazon, google) and had no luck, so here I am.

The first book has the title along the line of “The Too Much xxx Symptom” - but what the xxx is eludes me. The gist of the book is that first-impression leads to managers to label certain employees as under-performers immediately, and because of that impression, they spent more time managing the employee, which gets onto the latter’s nerve, which leads to even worst performance and so on.

The second book is more recent, I saw it a bookshop about a month ago, but in the name of all that is cute and fluffy, I can’t remember it anymore and I can’t find it anywhere now. The title has the word “management” in it (ok, so that’s not much of a help) and it’s a list of rules that is quite contrary to the usual (nope, the book is not First, Break all the Rules).

I can only remember one of the chapter is “Hire people which you don’t like”. I really wanted to pick up the book but my paycheque wasn’t in then, so I pass. Now I am looking for it all over and I couldn’t find it – and not knowing the title doesn’t help.

Can anyone help me?

For those wondering…I found the titles after browsing through Amazon.com and libraries for hours

#1 is “The Set-up To Fail Syndrome”

#2 is “Weird Ideas that Work”

I’m glad you found what you were looking for, because based on your initial clues, those answers aren’t too close. :smiley: