Looking for a baby monitor that can filter out "white noise"

I use a white noise machine to help our baby sleep.

I also use a baby monitor.

However. used in conjunction, the baby monitor broadcasts a constant stream of white noise (even in voice activated mode).

Is there such a thing as a baby monitor that can filter out white noise and only pass along frequencies of the baby actually making sounds?


First: congratulations on the sprog.

Second: you need to know about this website: http://www.babygearlab.com/

It’s like the Consumers Reports of Baby Stuff. Here’s what they had to say about baby monitors (and yes, ability to filter out white noise is one of the things they tested): http://www.babygearlab.com/Baby-Monitor-Reviews

Our monitor has a series of lights for sound. The white noise machine keeps it at a solid 1 green light worth of noise (the lowest indicator) When the baby cries, it pegs out to 5 or 6 lights (and they are red). So I just keep the volume muted until I see red lights. Then I turn it up and listen to what’s happening. Just an option you might consider.


What a great resource, I will definitely use Baby Gear Lab for lots of stuff.

I ordered the top ranked model - the Phillips - which sounds like just the ticket for what I’m looking for. Arrives FREE shipping on Wednesday. What a country.

One of the most common reasons for the white noise is a breeze from a fan or an air-conditioner. Try shielding the monitor by putting it in a shelf or some kind of baffle for the breeze.

You may also be experiencing some radio interference - change the channels on the receiver and transmitter and see if that helps. This is done by sliding a small switch - usually marked A,B,C for the channels.

Could you position the baby monitor, white noise generator and baby in such a way that the monitor does not pick up the white noise?

I would think keeping the white noise generator as close to the baby and as low as possible in volume and the monitor across the room may work while still being able to hear baby sounds.

The sprog didn’t start college quite yet:)