Looking for a book for a gift

I’m looking for a gift for a family member who wants to do volunteer work now that he’s retired. He’s geared more toward project work rather than an ongoing position, though if one would come up that reqired monthly donations of time and energy, he might be interested.

So…I’m looking for a book that would be more than just a list of places he can call. I’d like it to have a few pages or maybe a chapter devoted to various volunteer organizations so he can get a good feel for what’s out there. Does such a book exist?

Things he’s done so far:

– Two trips to Katrina-devastated areas to help with tear-down and construction
– Has expressed an interest in helping at the VA hospital. He thought he might want to help shave guys.

He loves kids.

Any ideas? Thanks!

I know places he could walk down the street wearing a signboard and pull down 30K yearly. Okay, I saw a low-hanging joke, grabbed for it, and missed. Sue me.

The best resource fitting this description that I can think of isn’t a book, and it’s free. You didn’t ask for my opinion, but if he wants to travel a little but stay within the U.S., or not travel at all, with his background I’d recommend the most honest and least judgmental charity I know.

Having said that, if he’s charitably minded and likes books and deserves a gift and has a sense of humor, may I recommend Brian O’Connell’s brilliant Our Organization? Apparently it’s not currently in print, which is a crime, but it’s still worth having.

Well I thought I had, but maybe I haven’t been much help after all. A man like your relative might appreciate a donation elsewhere more than a gift for himself. At any rate, it sounds as if he’s an honest, self-sufficient and thoughtful man. The only thing to do with a guy like that is take him into your confidence and ask him.

Thanks, Soup King! I didn’t see a description at the Amazon link, but there were some other suggestions as well that may be helpful. I appreciate the help!

What area does he live in?

He’s in the Chicago area and would prefer to stay domestic. He can afford to travel.

I know this wasn’t your question, but here is a handy search engine for opportunites.