Looking for a camcorder, know nothing.

We are looking for a camcorder to record the baby. I have no idea what to look for, nor even what we want. We have $5-700 or so to spend. Less of course would be better, but it seems that they run about that price.

What are the differences between the DVD and hard drive types? Is there a major disadvantage between the two? Do they make hi-def cameras? I thought I’ve seen them advertised, but don’t know for sure. What are the better brands, especially for ease of use. I’m pretty sure I’m not going to be editing much, if at all. I would, however, like to be able to transfer movies to DVDs so that I can give them to the family.

Any other advice is good too. I just hope we actually use the thing.

My friend’s been recording her baby’s every move for over a year, but no one’s seen the movies because she’s too lazy (or, okay, busy) to edit it all. It’s like taking photos and never getting them developed or putting them online. Have you considered just getting a high end digital camera with a video function? Some take several minutes of high quality footage, with sound, and the vids can be put straight onto the computer. Then you can edit them or upload them to YouTube for family and friends (if that’s your intention). Plus if you don’t end up being quite the documentarian you thought you’d be (quite possible), you’ll still get plenty of use out of the camera.