Looking for a Canadian cell phone

Although I live in Montreal, my cell phone, a Jitterbug, is registered in Brooklyn. I once had a Canadian phone (Fido) on a pay-as-you-go plan, but it turned out that it didn’t work in the US where I really wanted (I use it mainly when visiting my kids, all three of whom live in the US). So I eventually got the J’bug. It costs $15/month plus tax, which gets me 50 minutes/month from anywhere to anywhere in North America. When I have investigated Canadian cell phones, it turns out that their minutes are restricted to Canada, calls to the US are a lot extra and calls from the US are prohibitive (typical: $1.45/minute). I would like to get a second phone for my wife, but if I can’t do better than what I have seen, it will be a second J’bug. Does anyone know of a better plan than what I have seen? If it works in the Caribbean, so much the better.