Looking for a Chicago area perfect for a company picnic in August

I had posted this at forgottenchicago as well…
The company is Lincolnwood based and so we would like to find grounds in in the northern county areas. I had recently visited the Skokie Lagoons in Glencoe and would consider that place as well. What does all think or suggest? Anything in Evanston, northern Chicago? We are open to any ideas and would appreciate any help in this matter…Thanks!!

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samclem Moderator, General Questions

Hold it up there, I see your problem immediately. You’re using the words “perfect”, “Chicago”, “August”, and “picnic” in the same thread title.

Have you checked Harm’s Woods? There are a lot of picnic locations listed here:


The Botanic Gardens (Northbrook) would be wonderful, they have lots of facilities (including covered areas in case of rain.)

How about Ravinia?