Looking for a Clue based "dinner and a murder"

Does anyone know of any “dinner and a murder” games that are based on the game Clue? Or of an easy way to turn Clue into a dinner theater?

I like those games but have used all the ones I have and am looking for new ones.

Why not just allocate everyone a color , get them to dress appropriately and stay in character through out the night. Play clue in 15 minute intervals in between each dinner course. Finish the game over port and brandy after dinner . And ps we call it cluedo in the colonies . :slight_smile:

We were thinking we could do something like that. Maybe give out the cards and let people talk during dinner asking each other questions. I figured we’d have to come up with a way to be sure everyone gets to ask the same number.

I’ve heard it was called Cluedo across the pond, but why?

The characters in clue are classic murder mystery type characters. In a pinch, I imagine you could buy a non Clue based dinner mystery game and with a little bit of changes make it a Clue based one.

There was a series of “How to Host a Murder” games issues in the 90s.

I think it’s a reference to the game Ludo (a variation of Parcheesi, from the looks of it; it looks a lot like Sorry! with dice instead of cards).

Also, in Cluedo, Mr. Green is called Reverend Green.