Looking for a combined fax/copier/scanner/printer

I’m looking for people’s opinions on such a device for my home office. I already have a pretty good black and white laser printer, but I need a fax, copier and scanner. I was thinking of getting one of the all-in-one devices; the model I’m particularly interested in is the HP OfficeJet V40: it’s in my price range (around $200), comes from a reputable maker (HP) and has all the features I want. It also gets good reviews on Amazon and Epinions.com.

Does anyone have any other recommendations? (or thoughts about this model) I’m still open at this point. Thanks in advance.

Like putting all your eggs in one basket, eh?

I don’t - I have separate printer, scanner, and modem.

One wears out I replace it, keep the others


Well, I just spent about $600US on a Brother MFC9180, it’s a fax, scanner, flatbed photocopier, and laser printer. I have only had a it a few days, but it seems ok.

I really needed a photocopier, and a scanner would be useful. I have a cheapie fax that I expect will break soon, so I’ll use it as a fax. And a laser printer would be handy, I guess.

See? Talked myself into it, that easy.



Don’t throw away your laser printer. In my experience, the inkjet based all in ones (and printers) are very cheap to buy because they totally screw you on the ink. You get a couple tablespoons full of ink for $40 or some such ridiculousness. Use it for the occasional fax or copy maybe a color print or two, save your bulk printing for the laser.

I have a Lexmark all in one. I agree with Cheesesteak. I am happy with the machine, and have had no problems, and it was cheap. Through my school, less than $150. However, I would never do more than the occasional copy. Remember it doesn’t use a toner cartridge but an ink cartridge, and bulk copying will eat the ink fast. For comparison, I got through my last year of undergrad using two black and two color cartridges, which comes to about the cost of the printer itself.

Thanks for the advice - I hadn’t thought of the cost of replacing the ink. The toner cartridge in my Okidata laser printer lasts literally years, though I don’t do a huge amount of printing.