looking for a company's cell phone commerical

Ok my great aunt was basically told she needs a cell phone after she gets out of the hospital by social services (she has severe breathing problems )

And the one I want to look up is one ive seen on a commercial, but I only remember the commercial………
The commercial is about how grandma has a phone just for seniors it has big buttons with a special button for emergency services (like the onstar thing for cars) and how her having the phone helps mom go to work it shows grandma taking them on a museum outing looking at dinosaur bones while all of this is being said…

if anyone knows the commercial and can tell me at least the company name it would be extremely helpful

Jitterbug. Here’s the ad with the dinosaur skeletons:


Consumer Cellular.
I think Target does them.

Jitterbug brand phones are now sold by “GreatCall” in the United States.

Anyway, GreatCall is the one that has the “5 Star” emergency call button on their phones. This is the button that will connect a senior to a live person with one push if they have an emergency. For a higher fee, they also have other health and safety programs.

thanks guys that was what I was looking for ………………