Looking for a decent Mac Multiplayer game for kids

My situation is that my younger children would like to play multiplayer games on our home computers. I’m looking for something like a Warcraft or Age of Empires II style game - not too complicated, and I prefer strategy over first person shoot-em-up.

Indeed I have Age of Empires II but sadly it won’t multiplayer well on my computers (runs a few minutes, goes out of sync, game over.) I am handicapped by having a mix of good to average (older) machines. Pretty much running OSX 10.4.10 across the board, G4’s 1 to 1.5 ghz and an older G3 500mhz in the mix.

So anyway, any ideas? I’d just like to find something fun for 2 - 4 players on a home network. I wish I could get good old Warcraft II or something like that to work reliably. That’s all I’m looking for…

Thanks in advance!