Looking for a definition for "totally wired".

I just came across the following expression in an MSNBC broadcast. Richard Haas (?) talking about a future summit at Maralago between Trump and Xi Jing Ping
4.10 minutes into the video. I don’t know if its a common expression, but it seems to mean ‘kosher’ or ‘on the up and up’, "no-nonsense’??
“It’s not the worst that a foreign leader would say: We’re not going to have a summit unless its totally wired”

I look forward to your feedback.

In this case I believe he means that the agreement has already been made and the summit is just a a media event and a handshake to close the deal.

More familiar with the Mark E. Smith usage - wide awake, buzzing, off me head our kid.

Assuming that’s not what is meant here but tbh it’s not a context I’ve heard the expression used in. Tripolar’s explanation makes sense - wired as in completely connected up.