Looking for a Doper, but I don't remember your handle! Who are you?

I tried a few searches but came up with nothing, as of yet.

There is a doper out here who I used to chat to. I vividly recall one of your posts about an old farmhouse that is haunted. Something about a back porch area was burned down at one time and rebuilt. There was a stairway going into the cellar, which got changed after the rebuliding, thereby bricking a doorway in the cellar closed. One of the things you said was that you thought something really bad happened there at one time.

IIRC we chatted quite a few times, but I have forgotten your handle! Who were you, friend? Does anyone recognize this story even vaguely? Who was this dude?


If you have AIM, IM me, okay?

How could you forget Homer? He’s like the most visible person here, with the first post count over 100,000 :smiley: