Looking for a Filipino recipe

I am in need of a recipe for a dish which was brought to a potluck. I did not eat it, but a friend is raving about it and pleading for me to try and find her a similar recipe. (She is even less computer literate than I, and believes I hold the Knowledge of the Internet, ha!)

The recipe was served room temperature, but it might have been hot and simply cooled, or it might have been cold and warmed up while sitting on the table. It was very simple and mild, consisting of what my friend referred to as “street noodles”, which, from her description are probably cellophane noodles, combined with another type of (rice?) noodle, some bits of meat (shrimp and either chicken or pork) sesame seeds, and a plain dressing of oil (sesame?) maybe some shoyu, I don’t know what else, but again, the emphasis was “very plain”, not spicy at all.

My Filipino food experience has been fairly limited, pork-on-a-stick (which has a wonderful marinade that I would also love to have a recipe for) every year at the Crab Festival, along with some sweets, like banana wrapped in a spring roll wrapper and deep fried.

Any help would be appreciated, thank you.

As some inlaws are from the philipines, the answer is likely to be:



Great, now I’m hungry…