Looking for a free or cheap book cataloguing program

So, some of my friends started discussing various means of cataloguing books in a computer program (both for insurance purposes and for purposes of personal gratification). Someone found a program (costing around $90, IIRC) that could use a barcode scanner to scan ISBN barcodes on textbooks (if you buy the program on CD, it comes with a free CueCat scanner).

While I think that is all keen, I was wondering if there was a considerably cheaper or free (<$20 hopefully) alternative program I could use, since I can probably procure a barcode scanner of some sort from eBay or elsewhere. At the very least, I’d like it to be able to scan barcodes of books and catalogue them, being able to scan barcodes on DVDs or CDs or other various items would also be a plus.

Actually, looking at my DVD collection, just the ability to catalogue DVDs by barcodes would be nifty in and of itself, if anyone knows of a cheap or free program that can do that.

Is readerware the program you were thinking of? It’s only $40.

And Readerware does books, audio media like CDs or cassettes, and video media like DVDs, VHS tapes, etc. It would be perfect if it weren’t somewhat slow (although I haven’t tried the new 2.98 version yet; maybe they’ve fixed this since the last version I used, 2.31).

Try BookCAT. You can download a free trial version. It’s $35.95 to buy. I haven’t used it myself, but I own it. I bought a bundle with CATraxx (for music), CATVids (for videos) and BookCAT (for books), but I’m so damn lazy I’ve only barely used CATraxx so far. It’s a nice program though, and the people are nice. (Strange, it looks like they don’t offer the bundles anymore, just a discount if you buy more than one product).

Ooops, I forgot to mention, I haven’t used CATvid because we started using DVD Profiler which my husband uses with one of those scanner thingys that laserbips the barcode. Werecently re-did our whole collection (because it had been a few years since we’d kept up to date) and it only took us a couple of hours or so (we have 1300+ DVDs).

The file goes into your local copy of DVD Profiler, which gets DVD images and info from the web, then you upload your list if you want to share your collection. I can’t seem to find the URL for our collection, and I’m sure my husband uploaded it. If I find it I’ll post it.

Here’s our DVD Profiler list so you can see how they’re presented. We’ve gotten several since this upload that aren’t catalogued. (And no, I’m not proud of every single title. Some were given to us or bundled with ones we wanted.)

I use 4 programs from Collectorz.com, books, comics, music, and movies. They are limited shareware and all will update information from the net.

You can scan in ISBNs and search for information from a wide variety of online sources. You can’t scan in comics, but the Collectorz.com people have set up their own online database, that users contribute to in order to allow others to download all of that information.

I like all their products I use. I don’t use their game, photo or MP3 programs, so can’t really comment on them. I do know the MP3 database integrates with the Music program.

They have good support and are constantly improving and upgrading the programs. With no extra charges for up grades.