Looking for a good book on HTML

The title says it all: I’m looking for recommendations of good books on HTML to help me make a fairly basic website.

I have a pretty general knowledge of HTML already, so I’m not starting from scratch if that means anything.

I’m basically looking for a book that I can use as a reference when I mess around on a website I’m playing with and learn by trial and error more or less.

I talked a little bit about the site I’m planning on making in this thread.

I used Sams Teach Yourself HTML. I bought it back in '99, and there are newer editions. I found it very good.

There’s a website too.

If all you want is a reference text, you could use the following.

Netscape HTML Reference

Check out HTML Goodies…awesome book!

I suggest you keep as a reference the definitive word on HTML:

HTML 4.01 XHTML 1.0

I learned from the first link, but if you’re not a technical person, I don’t suggest it; just consult these documents when you want the last word.

Second vote for Sams. I was already pretty good with HTML when I read it, and I really appreciated the author’s use of forward-looking information (e.g. XHTML tags).

Either O’Reilly’s or Ian Graham’s. Both are very good reference books.

Elizabeth Castro, HTML for the World Wide Web.

Part of the Visual Quickstart series.

Best book ever written on the subject, by a truly superb writer. She could make fog on soot seem clear as daylight.