Looking for a (good) pantry ingredients recipe app/site

I did some Google searching and iTunes App Store searching for a nice looking “create a recipe from your pantry ingredients” app (or even website) and haven’t been in love with what I’ve found. I included lemon, butter, chicken, rice, and a few other things in one website’s list and got about 25 returns on the first page for lemon curd recipes : / Another app returned home cook recipes with pictures that looked like they were taken in a meth lab at night- not very appetizing.

Any of you have suggestions for good sites/apps that have a robust return of professional/tested recipes? I’m hoping different cooking magazines/chefs like Saveur/Food and Wine or Jaimie Oliver/Rachael Ray might have some similar type of thing- I’ll keep looking, none came up on my initial search- but I’d love some type of site/app (without “BURN FAT WITH THIS MIRACLE PILL” ads on top of all the content) where I can input (or even store) a big list of stuff I have on hand, and choose from different categories of returns (appetizer, entree, dessert, etc) that aren’t recipes from questionable sources.

Have you tried supercook? I don’t know if there’s a mobile app, but I quite like the website, although I agree the recipe sourcing could be improved.

It’s a little counter-intuitive, but once you’ve entered some ingredients, hit the refresh symbol on the top right of the ingredients box to get more. Then, there’s a button with a pull down called All recipes, which you can alter to focus on, say, casseroles, Asian food, soups, etc.

You can also register and log in (haven’t tried this feature), which I think saves your choices for your next visit. It’s easy to delete ingredients as you use them up, just click the little trash can by the name in the list.

You can search by desired ingredients at allrecipes.com, and it just returns recipes from the site, if that helps.

I’m a huge fan of Eat Your Books. You enter in what physical cookbooks you own and food magazines that you subscribe to, as well as popular cooking blogs and EYB provides a search interface across them. For physical books, it doesn’t store the recipe on the site, you have to own the book to find the recipe but online blogs are linked directly.

To me, it solves the huge problem most sites have which is that their recipe database is awful and inconsistent. Instead, I can choose to search for only recipes that I trust and know are good. It’s a paid service but totally worth the money.

I have used yummly on and off for years. It lets you put in lists of ingredients and has control sliders for salty, savoury, sour, bitter, sweet and spicy. It also lets you veto ingredients.

I use Foodgawker, type in a few major ingredients and something interesting usually comes up.