Looking for a Javascript menu

I’m looking for a javascript hierarchical menu, but I can’t seem to find exactly what I am looking for. I’m looking for a menu that has more than one pane, with the panes to the right showing what is below the pane to the left. For example, the left pane would be something like animals, plants, or minerals. The middle would be something like mammals, fish, trees, bushes, gems, and metals, and the far right would be a bunch of things under those categories. When someone highlights animals, the middle would show fish and mammals, and the right would show all the things under fish/mammals. When they then click fish, the far right would show everything under fish.

Anyone have a script, free or otherwise, for that, or have search term suggestions?

I would first try Dynamic Drive or JavaScript Kit

Checked those two sites but couldn’t find what I was looking for.

Here’s multi-level menus on Dynamic Drive. Do a Google search for “multi level menus” to find more examples.

Thanks, but those aren’t quite what I am looking for. The “Drill Down Menu” is the one closest to what I am looking for. To use that example, I am looking for one with another menu to the right of the one on the page that lists everything under Activities 1-8+Water Sports. When the user clicks on the “Water Sports” in the left panel, the right panel dynamically removes everything except for those associated with “Water Sports”. The Left menu then displays the options listed under water sports.

Basically, one or more windows to show query options and one window to show results.