Looking for a low-carb alternative to oatmeal

Just like the title says. I like a bowl of hot oatmeal in the morning, but it is just a tad too high in carb to suit me.
What alternatives are there?

Consider oat groats. The whole oat seed. Takes forever to cook, but much lower glycemic index, highly filling, and very, very tasty. They’ll still have some carbs, but have a ton of fiber, germ, and endosperm. Yum, endosperm!

Otherwise I believe both quinoa and wild rice have more protein and fewer carbs than standard processed oatmeals. We use both in our household.

Popcorn’s pretty low in carbs too, it seems

Here’s a list comparing carb loads of common grains. Unprocessed oats are lower than most items on the list.

Also, You can pressure cook your groats in 30 minutes or so. Sometimes we make a few day’s worth that way.

Who likes oat groats?

Not all carbohydrates are the same, and the starchy ones in oatmeal are pretty beneficial. But if you do not like the artificial sugar variations, you could add oat bran to increase fibre or just eat that. Breakfasts high in eggs and bacon have lots of protein and few carbohydrates.

I’d have to say the colon blowing advantages of oats outweigh the carb load, but rather than not eat it at all maybe restrict to 3-4 times a week? I make low carb cookies from oatmeal and almond flour and dried fruit and those things go a long way toward correcting the low carb ass issues.

I’ve been reducing the amount of oatmeal in my serving, but just before it’s done cooking, stir in a beaten egg for each serving and continue cooking a few moments until the egg is lightly cooked. It just barely affects the flavor - in my opinion, it’s better - gives it the slightest custardy flavor that you wouldn’t notice if you weren’t told.

In my case, I use 1/2 cup of oats for 1 serving. I use 1-minute quick oats (not instant) and usually microwave it. Now that I add the egg, I’ve cut back on the oats.

Is that the same as steel-cut?

I strongly recommend ground golden flaxseed as a pseudo-replacement for oatmeal. Mixed with hot water, you get something between a thick paste and slow cooked steel cut oats (depending on how much water you add).

Mixed with a few chopped nuts and a touch of honey (less than 1/2 teaspoon or leave out if you’re worried) it makes a solid substitue. I used to use 8 tablespoons or so for a morning breakfast, which was @ 280 kcal, which was 16 grams of carbs, of which 12 (!) was fiber. So 4 g of net carbs. Also a solid 12g of protein.

No, see my oat groat link in my post. Once you cut an oat groat with steel, it becomes a steel cut oat. Still much better nutritionally than processed oats, but no longer groaty to the max.

In a very different direction, try cottage cheese. It’s very high in protein.

@MandaJo Steel cut or no?

I’m from Wisconsin so I oughta know; there must be some ultra tasty way to mix groats with cheese

Here’s my recipe. Mix them in a 3:1 ratio, add a little salt and butter, then place the mixture in your dog’s bowl while you fry up your eggs and bacon.

(I love good oatmeal, but imho cheese is not a breakfast food.)

I make a shake using coconut milk with a mix of one part each of flax, chia, and hemp seeds. By coconut milk I mean the stuff in a carton that looks like cow’s milk, not the high fat stuff that comes in a can.

Honestly, I just eat cottage cheese for breakfast and oatmeal for lunch.

Would it be fair to say then that steel-cut is merely groat-esque?

Totally tubular, man. :wink:

I’m just not a fan of plain cottage cheese regardless of the fat content. However, it makes an excellent addition to cheesecake and meatloaf and can be snuck into many foods to boost moisture and protein. I have a healthy cheesecake recipe made with low fat cream cheese and cottage cheese, fruit, protein powder and low sugar or fat Jello in a thin crust made with bran, flaxseed and modest amounts of cookie or cracker crumbs. It really tastes as good as any cheesecake does. I should make it more often, it would be delicious for breakfast.

a bowl of hot eggs