Looking for a novelty song

It contained various titles of soap operas in the lyrics, and I think I heard it on the Dr. Dermento show back in the late 70’s.

“General Hospi-tale” by The Afternoon Delights?

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“General Hospi-tale” by The Afternoon Delights?


Not the song I’m looking for, although I recall hearing this one about the adventures of Luke and Laura on Dr. D also.

The Soap Opera Song by Carmen?

I think this was released a lot later than the 70’s.

This is what came to my mind, although I only had some tattered remnants of memory of it. Thanks for the link.

You could try at DrDemento.com

If you click on Streaming it will take you to a page that lists pretty much all the songs and stuff.

I’ve never listened to Dr. Demento so I don’t know what to look for.