Looking for a site: You rank movies, it suggests movies you might like

A while ago (could have been a couple of years ago), I came across a website where you created an account and rated a lot of movies you’d seen, and it gave you suggestions for some movies you might like.

It was a great site, but I can’t find it now. I’m not very good at googling either; that hasn’t turned anything up.

Anyone remember it or use it, or know of something similar?


The closest thing I can think of is Your Movie Database, which lets you list your top 20 favorite movies and then gives you links the user lists that most closely match yours.


It sounds exactly like a site I’m familiar with, RatingZone.com. That it?

I was fooling around with Netflix tonight and it has this feature.

The recommendations at IMDB are generally pretty good. As they say : “Based on a complex formula and ongoing feedback from movie fans around the world, we’ve sorted through hundreds of thousands of movies and TV shows (some on video, some not) to come up with IMDb Recommends. Enter the name of a favorite movie or show, click “go,” and we’ll recommend a few others you might like.” That is here .

Just did a test case:

Input Spy GameLurve

Stille nach dem Schuß, Die (2000) – Never heard of
Die Another Day (2002) – Dislike
The Deer Hunter (1978) – Haven’t seen
The Sum of All Fears (2002) – Dislike
Apocalypse Now (1979) – Dislike
Three Kings (1999) – Dislike
Saving Private Ryan (1998) – Dislike
The Jackal (1997) – Dislike
Escape from New York (1981) – Dislike
Tomorrow Never Dies (1997) – Dislike


Netflix will do this if you’re a member.

Amazon.com also has this feature, and the added benefit. after you’ve rated enough things, of recommeding lots of different kinds of entertainment (here’s some movies, books, and music you might like)

I’ve found amazon’s recommender fairly reliable given enough input, and have actually found some new favorites through it.

Ratingzone and YMDB are closest to what I was after. Excellent! Thanks guys! I knew you would come through. Heh.

LivePlasma is a neat site that recommends music or movies based upon your entries, and does so in a graphic fashion that is fascinating.