Looking for a specific kind of Angel

I asked this question a year or two ago, and Tom&debb answered the question. but I can’t find the post, and I;ve forgottne the answer.

Anyway this was part of a a poem and it referenced a Reichian (I know this is mis-spelled or mis-remembered) angel whose presence was so intense it could barely be withstood. It’s part of a (I think late 1800’s or early 1900’s) poem by a young poet, who also died young.

Any help appreciated

You’re sure, at least, that it started with an “R”? I went through the "R"s in both my Dictionary of Angels and Angels A to Z but didn’t see anything along the lines of what you mentioned. I admit I skimmed in the Dictionary and looked for named evocative of “Reichian”.

I think I found it.

Duino Elegies

I’m guessing from the link that you’re then trying for Rilkean angel, after Rainer Maria Rilke, the author.