Looking for a Twilight Zone (or a derivative) episode

A massively repressed society contains a malcontent. In order to punish him they place a mark on his forehead that he must wear for one year. The mark means that absolutely no one will recognize his existence. At the end of the year silent technicians come to take the mark off. After they take the mark off they ask him out for a beer.

But wait, there is more:

At the end of the show a woman comes up to him screaming. She has the mark. He ignores her. Until he breaks down and gives her a hug. And I cry like an infant.

Any and all help would be appreciated. This sticks in my head like Burgess Meredith’s broken glasses, a Sheriff getting a ray gun from Santa twenty years late, or an idea that drove everyone who heard it mad.


IIRC that was from the Twilight Zone series from the 80’s, if that’s any help.

It’s “To See the Invisible Man.”


Ahhhhhhhhh. That is it. Thank you.