Looking for a UFO site that isn't insane

Googling “UFO” at all is just asking for punishment. I believe that there is alien life somewhere in the universe, no idea if they are visiting earth. But I find the majority of UFO websites either fall into loons who will believe anything, and “skeptics” who dismiss everything all too readily.

I would like to find something a bit more balanced that covers these topics. Also, does anyone have any information on the Disclosure Project? To me it seems very compelling that so many ex-military people come forward. But there are also doctors that advocate homeopathic remedies, so who knows.

Sorry if this isn’t in the right forum! :slight_smile:

http://www.mufon.com/ The ufo sighting collection site.

If you’re looking for a middle ground, that means locating a site where the inhabitants are credulous but not outright nuts.

Do a google search on “what ufo site is credulous but not insane” and one of the first ones to come up is this one, which argues that the key to finding accurate information is avoiding anything espoused by ufologists with beards.

So obviously, you need to insist on seeing photos of anyone operating or writing articles on a UFO site to be sure they’re clean-shaven.

Hope that helps*.
*Be wary of trusting me though; I have a beard. :eek:

How about astronomer Bernard Haisch’s site:

Then there’s Moseley’s “Saucer Smear” newsletter; disliked by both the believers and the scoffers:


Thanks for the links. Have any reporters outside the Disclosure Project, interviewed or done background checks on the people to see if their actual military status are what they claimed them to be? And that their job was what they said it was, rank what they said it was, and that they were stationed there at the right times? Most of their claims seem pretty verifiable, and IMO that many people coming forward that check out is pretty indicative of the military at least knowing more than they claim.

Not sure he counts as not insane, though. Claims to be a friend of James “The Amazing” Randi, while helping put about rumours that he’s a sexual deviant (that tape of him propositioning a young lad over the phone, of course). He is a notorious hoaxer and, according to his eye-opening autobiography Confessions of a Grave Robbing UFOlogist, in his youth he plundered South American archaeological sites for their treasures.

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