Looking for a watch expert

I’m in the market for a diver’s watch. Needs to be actually functional for commercial diving. I’ve been doing a little research, and it seems like the Rolex sea-dweller is pretty much top of the line, with the submariner right behind.

Are there any other brands which are comparable for functionality?

Can you recommend any dealers that are reputable for used ones?

Any suggestions on other ways to find these types of watches for a good price?

Thanks in advance.

Well this Aqua Timer beat out the Sea Dweller in a Forbes Poll. I think it is sleek, stylish not a ton of bells and whistles and yet it is good to 2000 meters.

What do you want in a dive watch? Metal or Plastic band? Chrono or no?

I like this Oris TTI. very nice.

While I can’t argue with the allure of a Rolex, or a other high end watch, for pure functionality get a watch from Luminox. This is my everyday watch. The encapsulated lights on the watch face mean that no matter how late it is, or how dark it is, I can read the watch face without my glasses. The picture on the website doesn’t do this justice. The lights are bright enough to see clearly with no corona around them like in the picture.
If you are diving in dark water, this watch will kick a Rolex to the curb when it comes to functionality. Remember if you can’t read the face of the watch, it is worthless.
Just so you know, I own a TAG/Heur, some high end Citizens, and I lust for a Rolex. However if I was betting my life on it, I would go with the Luminox.
As in most things, YMMV.

Stainless steel. I don’t think chrono is necessary.

Hmm, perhaps I should ask the couple of divers on the board what they would recommend.

I don’t want to ask the recipient too many pointed questions, otherwise it might give the surprise away. On the other hand, watches are not only a highly personal preference sort of thing, in this case it has to be functional.

What about Omega or Breitling?