Looking for a word

What is the word that means something along the lines of “a tendency to use very long words”?

Well, perhaps polysyllabic , in addition to describing the words used, might be applied to the user too.

Hmm, even as I typed that, I began to think “No - there IS a proper word for this”. Oh well, I shall soon learn!


Ahh… that’s it. Thanks!

Another useful word for that kind of talk is grandiloquence. The adjective form is grandiloquent.

Loquacious means very talkative, but it doesn’t carry the big-words angle. It does, however, carry the following wordplay.

“Mrs. Waggintongue talks so much, she doesn’t have time to loquacious going.”

Verbose also means tending to use a lot of words.

logorrhea - diarrhea of the mouth.