Looking for an interesting vehicle for city transportation

So, I’m moving to NYC fairly soon, and I’m psyched. I’ve been a pretty avid driver since I got my license, and log quite a few miles every year. Now that I’m going to be in the city, though, I’d like to get something more suitable to that sort of situation. I’ve always been interested in interesting modes of transportation, and this seems like a great chance to delve into that subject. I fully intend to use the subway for commuting and such, but I want a personal vehicle that I can operate on the street. I’ve used a bunch of modes of “personal transportation” over the years; bicycles, mopeds, go-peds, gas and electric scooters, etc), and I’m wondering what people have noticed/used/been impressed by in terms of personal transportation.

Probably the most important criteria is that the vehicle must be portable – not in the sense that it moves, but in the sense that I can bring it inside my apartment, or workplace, or wherever I might be where I’d rather not leave it unattended for too long. Even with chains, desirable stuff will get stolen. So the ability to, well, move it inside is pretty key.

As far as human-powered versus motorized vehicles, I’m game for either. I’ll likely buy a bicycle if I get something that’s motorized, anyway, but if the vehicle is cool, the power source is not an issue.

“Street legality” is something I’d have to look into; I’m not even sure how the laws apply to various types of vehicles in the five boroughs, although I’m fairly certain you can’t really ride anything on the sidewalk. Basically, although I welcome any leads (simply because I’m interested in the concept in general), I’m looking for something that I can use to travel in the city without being arrested. Call me a do-godder. :smiley:

Welp, I think I’ve rambled on enough, and hopefully I’ve given some idea of what I’m interested in. I appreciate any information/heads-ups/experiences/etcetera that people can give.

Electric wheelchair could be good choice ,and who cares if you are not disabled.

I’ve recently become interested in the [url=“http://www.montagueco.com/”]Montague folding bikes
, although they apparently don’t have top-quality running gear, and their ‘Hummer’ version is sheer pretension. Nevertheless, I’m going to have a look at the DX and CX models in near future.

How about an Abbot SPG. OK, you can’t take it inside, but who’s going to steal it?

Nice one, qts. :smiley:

I don’t think you can get Smart Cars in the US yet, can you? One of those would be fantastic in NYC. You’d never get a parking ticket because the cops would be laughing too hard, especially if you parked it next to a Hummer.

How about importing a BMW C1 instead - it’s a motor scooter - with a hat!

Hey JJIMm,that BMW scooter is a beauty :stuck_out_tongue: .I would go for this one .Smart cars are not bad either but they cost more and are not available in states.


Cool, but please don’t park it between two cars as in the scooter’s site. I feel real guilty if I scratch or ding somebody’s pretty scooter trying to drag it up onto the sidewalk so I can go home.

      • That site for the BMW scotter is a bit, ummm, , , , unusual?
  1. firstly, a motorcycle with a seatbelt? Uhhh…
  2. showing how you can park it in between cars and “find parking space where other people have to go on looking”? When there’s parking meters two feet away? Something tells me that the parking-meter officer who sees you do this will “get to leave a parking ticket where others have to go on looking”…

Folding bicycle?

Shoot, didn’t notice El Kabong’s busted link.

I love my Brompton folding bike. It has a very unique folding mechanism: when you fold it, all the parts snap into place and you end up with a rigid free-standing package. Other folding bikes fall apart when you try to carry the folded bike with one hand. The Brompton is a tough bike too - one time I put it in the standard bag (soft bag, not a hard case) and it survived an international airline trip as check-in luggage.

The only problem is it’s a bit expensive, in the neighborhood of $1000 IIRC. If you want something more reasonably priced, I recommend Dahon bikes. Not as compact when folded, but rides very well.

If you don’t mind a larger (non-folding) bicycle, I have it on good authority that the RANS Fusion is the most comfortable bicycle available short of a true recumbent bicycle. Of course you could go for a true recumbent too, but for city riding I think the more compact and lighter Fusion would be a good choice.