Looking for an old D&D module

Years back, around the mid 90’s, I came across a D&D module with a weird wand in the back swag description. T’was an odd one, in that its effects were quite random, even for a random effect generation table. Two possibilities that I recall were it would turn the user into a large white bunny rabbit, and would also turn the user into a centaur-mule.

Anyone happen to know what module this was?

The wand sounds like a Wand of Wonder. Dunno the module.

More to the point, I’ve seen a listing (possibly in Dragon) for three extra Wand of Wonder tables. So the wielder doesn’t know which table they get the random effect from.

Back in the day, I gave out a wand of wonder to the chaos mage in the group. The character was played by one of the few people who could make it fun, not annoying; he took such innocent delight in whatever happened that it was infectious. For him I created a new set of 52 different effects, geared to different cards in a deck; something about drawing a card at random made the wand extra-fun, and he used it all the freakin’ time.

Criminey. Found it. Module T1-4, Temple of Elemental Evil. It was indeed a Wand of Wonder.

Here’s a blog with a listing of a ton of wonderful (ha!) magical items with a random bent. It also mentions the Dragon Magazine with the alternate tables was #147

In a module I ran under 3rd edition, I had the party exploring an old Gnomish ruin. They found an arcade-style machine emblazoned with “Face the Wonder Challenge”. It was two-sided, and you and a buddy were supposed to press your heads against a hole. Inside the hole on each side was a Rod of Wonder which would be triggered to go off in the player’s face when both contestants had pressed their buttons. Whoever kept their face pressed to the hole the longest would win. Of course, the gnomes in the party immediately tried it.