Looking for an Old horor comic book

I know this is a long shot but so many SDMB member are or were into comic books. What I am looking for is a horror comic with a cover illustration of a woman coming down a flight of stairs with a noose hanging down from the ceiling. I am sorry I can’t be more precise, it was a comic from the early 70s. Dose any one remember the cover.

This would be a good place to start. I quickly skimmed through the likelier titles and didn’t find anything specific.

Sounds like something that might have been on the cover of Psycho.

I used the comics.org database myself to scan through the covers of House of Mystery, House of Secrets, and Ghosts from the late sixties to the early eighties and didn’t find that cover.

Unfortunately for those of us who don’t know it off the top of our heads and are trying to be helpful there was a huge horror boom in comics in the early seventies due to the relaxation of the comics code. That makes the field a bit tough to search through.

House of Mystery #210 and House of Secrets #88, 94 and 95 all come close; Victorian hottie in a low-cut negligee on a stairway in some degree of menace. No nooses, though. Some of these appear to have been drawn by Neal Adams or Bernie Wrightson.