Looking for animation software

I’m looking to make a few math animations and I want the look and feel and feel of 3blue1brown (example here SFW). He uses python which I could certainly do but I need a primer on the animation libraries and how to do graphics in python first.

What animation software would I be looking at to get me animations in this style?

Giving this one a bump, because I would like to know too.

No direct experience, but I would start here:


I looked at those a while ago. They are either geared for professionals (and cost it) or too simplistic.

I’ve a feeling that the animations of the type you linked above probably aren’t a simple as we might wish. I keep hoping there would be a solution for amateurs that produces good-looking results, but is still simple to use, but I suspect this is really the Dunning-Kruger effect in action - these guys make it look easy (because they are good at it), so I want to believe it would be simple for me to do it.

BTW, Microsoft Powerpoint does animations, nearly to the point of being timeline-based, but it’s just painful to get any kind of sequenced complexity out of it.

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