Looking for books on Natchez indians

I’m interested in reading about the Natchez indians and the various moundbuilding cultures in the US. Does anyone have any good recent books you might recommend on the subject?


This would seem to be a good, recent book on the Natchez.
Robert Silverberg wrote a book about the mound builders in general back in the 1980s; no idea if a better one has come out since.

Hey, I’m from there!

But surprisingly, there isn’t much interest in the Natchez indians… There is a small museum at the Indian village and they have a few books; I imagine the visitor’s center would have a few on them as well, but other than that, more people care to learn about Natchez’s antebellum history.

So… I can’t think of a good book to recommend to you. :frowning: sorry

Hi feppytweed! /wave

Thanks for the suggestions Meurglys! I’ll look into those titles. :slight_smile: