Looking for Car Stereo Recommendation

I hate the factory radio in my Dodge Ram. I also hate the iTrip on my iPod Mini and how staticky it is.

I’d like to replace the factory radio with something that has the following features:

  • AM/FM/CD
  • 1/8" line in for my iPod
  • Integrated satellite radio (XM)
  • A decent EQ (something beyond Bass/Mid/Treble knobs) with EQ presets that can be recalled easily.
  • Can read CD-Rs and MP3 format with the CD player (not critical, but would be nice)

Does such a thing exist? I used to install car stereos to earn extra money when I was in college, but that was quite some time ago and I haven’t followed the developments in car audio (at all). Anyone have a good recommendation for me?


One word: Kenwood.

The Kenwood catalog, unfortunately in PDF

Scroll down to page 6. The first three closely resemble what you’re looking for.

Thanks, Airman. These look pretty close, but I’m looking for XM, and I’d prefer to have an 1/8" jack rather than an RCA Aux. Many years ago, I put a Sony deck in my VW Super Beetle that had an 1/8" aux input right on the front panel. I wonder if that ever caught on…