Looking for Corneal Transplant Experiences.

I have keratoconus and had a corneal transplant in my left eye two weeks ago. I’m looking for any people who have also had one to ask about what to expect in this early recovery time. I know the timing is different for everyone but I’m guessing the sequence of improvement milestones is similar. Things were going good at the end of last week when I stopped taking pain medication of any sort but yesterday morning I went to work for a few hours and it totally wiped me out for the whole day. Even today I haven’t really been able to spend very much time with my eyes open. All I did at work is sit in a meeting and I think the brightness of the drive was a factor too.

AFAIK I’m not having any problems that need a call to the doctor.

When you say “it totally wiped me out for the whole day” what do you mean, you were feeling pain again?

I also have keratoconus, but I haven’t had a cornea transplant (yet).

My mother has cornea dystrophy, which has been treated by something short of a whole cornea transplant.

But, I can vouch based on her experience, that becoming tired more quickly than seems entirely reasonable is par for the course in healing from eye surgery.

It wiped me out as in tired. Not really any more pain just a little more irritation, like scratchy, dry eye feeling. I was away from home around 4 hours including one hour of driving. I took an hour nap then the rest of the day I could hardly stay awake. Today my eye is a little more scratchy than before yesterday and I’m still tired.

Eureka, that’s good to hear. It just seems like having one eye healing shouldn’t make my whole self so tired.