Looking for examples of sentient spiders in fantasy literature

You forgot about Mordred Deschain from the Dark Tower series. Sort of a magical half-spider half-boy, but The same thing for It.

I have NO benevolent counterparts, spiders are evil.

Mr. Nancy in *American Gods * by Neil Gaiman is a spider god. He’s also in Anansi Boys, which is more about his family.

Yes, but she can also take the form of a female dark elf. The dark elves worship spiders, but as far as I can recall, they do not deal with any intelligent spiders. They do have half-spider, half-dark elf creatures called “driders”, however.

I think that my mentioning Shelob in the OP led people to believe that I had heard of Mirkwood. Besides, I’m actually looking for characters with names (and “Attercop” doesn’t count).

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Um, have you COMPLETELY FORGOTTEN Charlotte?

Although Mieville’s Weaver is my favorite (supercreep), and Miller’s comment about Piers Anthony is exactly what I was thinking, I do have one contribution: Mary Howitt’s Spider from The Spider And the Fly.

Also, Arachne.


Arachne in Pyramid Scheme by Dave Freer and Eric Flint is half woman and half spider, and portrayed as a heroine, victim of the evil Athena.

Alan Dean Foster’s The Hour of the Gate includes a race of sentient, civilized spiders called the Weavers. The are fairly isolationist, but are convinced to help the other races against the invasion of the totalitarian and extremely nasty Plated Folk ( insectoids ).

In Fleet of the Damned by Allan Cole and Chris Bunch, there’s a spider-appearing alien who serves in the same force as the hero Sten. I don’t recall her name.

On the dark side, in the Deed of Paksenarrion trilogy there are the High Servants of Achrya and Achrya’s Spawn, as well as Achrya herself, an extremely evil spider goddess. The Spawn are giant spiders; the Servants can change into them.

I thought we were supposed to be a sarcastic lot here?


The Shadows in the Babylon 5 novels are essentially big spiders.

In case you meant Internet spider (as opposed to the 8-legged furry kind), there’s Jane from Orson Scott Card’s Speaker for the Dead.

The Racnoss from The Runaway Bride, which began the latest series of Doctor Who. That was some good makeup and effects, though they apparently didn’t have the budget to show more than one. The webship was cool, though.

Charlotte Bronte? :confused:

The spider from Castle Roogna (the last good Xanth book!) was mentioned twice, but not by name - Jumper. I amused myself by instantly remembering his name, haven’t thought of this book in years. Jumper was a great character!!