The Spider Woman Appreciation Thread

Hi all.

I just was thinking about posters who I think are pretty good people - who always have a great attitude, show sensitivity, intelligence, humor, friendship. And I kept thinking about our dear Spider Woman. Whose postings and contributions I really like a lot.

So let’s have a Happy Thread to say how much we appreciate our favorite spider - Spider Woman!

Spider, I like you a lot, for the reasons mentioned above. Please, don’t stop! I would elaborate more, perhaps, but I’m a little sleepy from travelling all day. :slight_smile:



Spider Woman your thoughts on another thread were greatly appreciated as were a couple of other posters including yours Anthracite. :slight_smile:

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{{{{Spider Woman}}}}

I mean, is there anyone who doesn’t like her? :slight_smile:

No one uses smilies better than Spider Woman. :slight_smile:

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I think she was upset with me for a few microseconds over a vegetarian argument. We kissed and made up though. And believe me, you haven’t lived until you’ve gotten a little spidey nibble. :wink:


[sub]mmm…cyber flirting. I kinda feel all tingly[/sub]

Though Spider Woman is not mundane, and praising her is not pointless, nevertheless this must be transfered to MPSIMS. :slight_smile:

I’ve never had any direct or indirect contact with Spider Woman over the boards, yet I’ve noticed that she is a kind hearted and very popular poster. We could use more such individuals.

I would also like to hijack this briefly to praise Anthracite, and mention that I read her pit thread. I think she also contributes a great deal to this board, yet I wished to obey her request not to make a sympathetic post to that thread. Fine, I’ll make a sympathetic post to this one.

Finally, I’ll point out that the individuals who start threads such as these about other people are often every bit as deserving of praise as the subject poster.

My appreciation to you both.

She is really nice… she has already been nice to me and I haven’t been here that long.

Thank you Spider Woman!

Here’s one for our favorite arachnid!

{{{{{{Spider Woman}}}}}}}}

[sub]I think you’re pretty cool![/sub]

I love me some Spider Woman. She’s remarkably intelligent, incredibly kind and just an all-around great person.

And if she is reading this, I’m still going to answer her last e-mail. It’s in the queue!

Woo hoo Spidey! Gotta love a gal with stems like yours. Keep up the good work (if you can call this place work!).

Please accept my apology, slythe, my mistake.

Well, thank you very much, DRY!

But back to praising our favorite Spider

I am amazed. WOW! Thank you all! What a bunch of nice people, and I want you all to know how much the SDMB and all you nice posters have brightened up my life! And Anthracite, sweetie, thank you so much! See you at the next ULVAN meeting (iampunha wants to join; shall we prepare the initiaion rites?)

Have a great day, everyone. I am so happy to have met you all. I am in awe of the Internet and how it draws people together.


Yay!! Spidey… who loves ya, baby!

Spider Woman, you are definitely one of a very few here that I’d welcome into my home. I figure you’d be a classy houseguest and a joy to hang with. So should you find yourself in northeast Florida…

She’s a real sweetheart…IMHO!

{{{{{{{{{{Spider Woman}}}}}}}}}}

spider woman, you are one of my favorite posters here. You are always kind, and you put a lot of thought into your posts.
I enjoy your sense of humor—and your limericks, too.:slight_smile: