SDMB:A nice cup of tea and a sit down. Thank your fav posters

I searched for a thread like this but couldn’t find it. On Wikipedia there is a page called “Wikipedia:A nice cup of tea and a sit down” where the aim is to say thanks to other contributors. I thought that I would try this here.

So as I am 99% a lurker, I would like to start off by thanking stranger on a train for his posts. They always seem nice n chunky with well structured information, and if appropriate logical argumentation, remaining calm and polite even if the other poster doesn’t seem to be grasping the point, and may even be responding rudely.

I started a thread requesting immediate help/advice with a situation someone else was having (serious emotional/existential/psychological crisis).

Got lots of good advice. One Doper was extremely helpful. As in, “made a world of difference”, helpful. Many thanks to those Dopers who participated–job very well done!

Cat Whisperer has given me so much good advice, I wouldn’t even know where to start.

And of course, I gotta thank Vinyl Turnip for making me laugh pretty much every time he posts.

Whenever I am thinking about something related to linguistics, after a search at languagelog, I always come here and look to see if Indistinguishable*, guizot, or Bosstone have said anything on the topic.

*I like Indistinguishable for another reason which is that he seems incapable of not editing a post, so I make it into a game and award myself a point any time I notice a post by him and there’s no edited line.

I would like to thank Drunky Smurf. Why, without his posts I don’t think I’d even hang around.

Seconded - I’ve gone into plenty of threads I otherwise would have skipped just because I saw that he’d posted.

I want to thank anaamika and olivesmarch4th for their insight into my own family dysfunctions, and their patience with my endless whining about it. QuadcopTheMercotan and paperbackwriter stand out as being among the most informative and educational, and Chefguy’s food/recipe posts are great. Lastly, a special thank you goes to flatlined for posting some of the funniest stories and work-related rants I’ve ever read.

When I think of extremely smart Dopers, Stranger on a Train is one of the Dopers that comes to my mind, too.

Aw, shucks. {Blushes, digs toe in ground.} To add to the mutual admiration society, I don’t think there is anyone here who is more level-headed and even-handed than olives. :slight_smile:


I can’t remember names very well, but there are a bunch of Dopers here who are experts in their fields, and their posts are always informative and educational (and usually entertaining, too). I hope they know who they are.

And, in closing, that Drunky Smurf guy, man, he just makes this place come alive for me. :smiley:

Half my posts lately are like, “yeah… what elbows said.”

Colibri has some interesting things to say about some remote places on the planet. I like Skald’s economy of language. Mainly, I just like the fact that someone will try to help me with a computer problem, no matter how stupid it is.

VOW has been active in many of my threads, with great information. And I don’t start threads all that often.

I think she’s been in my remodeling thread, some cooking questions, my father’s surgery (etc) thread…

So…thanks for hanging out with me, VOW! :slight_smile:

A quick “ta” to Trinopus just for reminding me about this thread and its importance. See What’s the Best Way to Praise A Member? in ATMB. Let’s hope this gains some popularity and can answer such questions in the future.

I’m going to be a lamer, but a very sincere one, when I thank everyone. :slight_smile: For the funnies, for the empathetic viewpoints, for the interesting peeks into other’s lives, for sharing wonders, information, and comraderie.

Also, I suck at remembering names, so there.

I have tea to share, though! Um…all kinds. All out of marshmallow, though.
Anyone have marshmallow root tea? I will trade my chai for some :slight_smile:

I really like that umkay chick. How she manages to stay so positive with such a debilitating condition is beyond me!

She’s dead to me.

I’m still new enough I don’t know who I like or which poster is most helpful (still laughing over the names) but I have been greatly enjoying the board and this seems like a good place to say

THANKS! :smiley:

Yeah, Stranger and Quadcop are definitely up there for informative posts. Vinyl Turnip is a cad. Elucidator makes me laugh. Rick, GaryT and Greasy Jack are very informative on the automotive end. Grey ghost is my special wine buddy.

Hamlet is great in the football threads, as is JulesAndre (really going to miss Dio’s rants about the Vikings this season)…SenorBeef is the man for videogaming…RickJay is something of a baseball guru…

I can’t think of anyone else off the top of my head. If I forgot you, I am truly sorry and apologize unreservedly.

Wanna thank Gyrate, Who_me?, Tomndebb, and Great_Antibob (and there are others I can’t recall at the moment) for their efforts in combating racism and pseudoscience. It’s truly a never-ending struggle.

Whenever I read a piece of good parenting advice, inevitably the poster is either WhyNot or Max Torque.

I read football posts pretty much solely for SenorBeef and FoieGrasIsEvil.

So, somebody finally found a use for those two goons?! Well, glory be!

My heroic struggles as a Bengals fan are pretty epic in nature, I do have to admit. I have a feeling SenorBeef is in the same boat as a Browns fan. For some reason, I get the feeling that you are vicariously laughing at us, especially when we show even a modicum of optimism. That’s mean.