The opposite of The Pit - the Doper appreciation and admiration thread.

As 2010 draws to a close, I’m thinking of all the people I admire on this message board and so, I wanted to start a thread where Dopers could say nice things about each other to each other. (Just as a guide, try to keep it to only one Doper per reply - multiple replies encouraged!) I’ll start -

Sunspace - you are one of the kindest, warmest and wisest people I know. Wishing you happiness and prosperity in 2011.

I’m really excited that two of my favorite Dopers, Asimovian and jsgoddess found each other this year. I wish them a lifetime of joy yet to come!

Manda Jo is always kind and has the most supportive, well thought out posts.

Sampiro has given me endless entertainment, both with his wonderful posts and with his trippy game (which he thought would not last!!). He has made me laugh.

Marley23 moved me so much with his stories of his brother.

Khadaji is the gentlest Doper I’ve ever known. He never passes up an opportunity to offer congratulations, good thoughts or condolences. Truly, an awesome individual.

I agree on the comment on sunspace - he really is a nice, gentlemanly fellow.

I’d like to thank Amiss for her willingness to type my “Just OK American Novel”, and everyone else who originally offered their services. It’s a great help to this printerless non-typer.

Gary T rocks. Not only does he know more than me about cars, he has a way of putting it online in way less words than I do.
Fried Dough Ho My doper crush of 2010. Writes about wine, and food. I get hungry reading her blog.
Silenus I swear he is my twin brother of a different mother.
Plus a bunch of other I can’t recall right now.

Rick rocks. In many ways. I owe him many moose.
Qadgop’s posts are always informative and well thought out.
rockingchair, twickster, flutterby, gardentraveler, lissener, jayjay, Eureka, amarinth, faithfool, gwendee, C3, HazelNutCoffee, stargazer, Sattua, zweisamkeit, Hello Again, irishgirl, Ruby, Ruby Sees, Unauthorized Cinnamon, fairychatmom and all the other yarnies on the board that make my knitting threads interesting (at least to me). :slight_smile:

But does Rick roll?

WordMan has been a kind and patient mentor as I learn the ways of the electric guitar.

Elendil’s Heir has the heart of a poet.

rhubarbarin seems unusually sensible. I’m not sure why she sticks out so much, maybe the odd handle?

Every person I’ve ever played mafia with on here is a great person, and among the dopers I feel I know the best/most. It’d take me forever to list them all, but they know who they are.

I’m afraid to name names. The last time I tried saying something nice, the thread was locked and my favorite mod quit: Yay Giraffe!

I envy Skald the Rhymer. He knows how to make threads that get lots of replies. I can do so on occasion, but I’m just as likely to start a thread that no-one cares about. Figuring out what dopers will respond to and what they won’t is tricky for me, but he has it nailed.

Elendil’s Heir and cunctator for encouraging me.

jsgodess, cause she’s awesome.

Big Bertha made my day a while ago.

Stranger on a Train, not only for his incredible breadth of knowledge but also his ability to clearly explain even very complex and esoteric concepts.

Plus many of my favorites for the reasons already given by others in this thread.

^ That fella there.

runner pat, for giving advice and support to aspiring runners facing their own personal Battle of the Bulge.

Olivesmarchforth is great

Cat Whisperer is funny, decent and smart

Vinyl Turnip cracks me the hell up.

Angua fights the good fight for religious tolerance.

There are lots of others, but these names don’t get mentioned as much as they ought.