What SDMB posters do you especially admire, respect, or like?

I don’t necessarily mean that you’d like to meet them in real life, though of course you should feel free to list anyone you would. But which of your fellow Dopers do you especially enjoy sharing virtual conversations with?

Oh, and not to junior mod, but I’d be grateful if everyone would refrain from damning other posters’ choices with faint praise, or in general criticizing other board members. The Pit is only two doors down, after all.

Here’s a few who come immediately to mind for me:

Sampiro: Because he tends to start the same sorts of silly CS threads I do, only with considerably more verve, panache, and pith.

Silver Tyger Girl: because she shares my insane love of 'Cats, and half a dozen other reasons she knows as well as I.

What Exit?: not merely because he shares my love of Heinlein & Tolkien, but because he doesn’t hesitate to point out when I’m full of shit, and everyone needs someone to do that.

Qadgop the Mercotan: Not merely because he is the greatest of our little band of Tolkienites, but because of the insights he brings to medical threads.

Anyone not listed was omitted in the interests of not making the OP annoyinginly long, and I reserve the right to add to the list later.

Anyway, that’s just me. Anybody else care to take a swing?

Well, me, obviously. I’m great.

Polycarp. Jesus, buddy, couldn’t you have more followers like him, and fewer of the other kinds? I’d appreciate it.

SentientMeat. Always worth reading what he wrote. Pity he’s not around anymore.

Qadgop, for reasons I hope are obvious.

twickster, for having a genuinely good heart.

I’m sure there are a bunch I’m forgetting. If you know who you are, I’m sorry I forgot. If you don’t, it doesn’t matter much, does it?

Off the top of my head,

Der Trihs
Although some find him abrasive at times, he says what I am thinking in a much more articulate way. True to the spirit of the SDMB, fights the ignorant.

Sounds like a very sensible person, and gives factual answers that are useful to many people.

Siam Sam
Great sense of humor, lots of unusual experiences. Its always fun to hear about what he did.

Many more…

I sometimes think, “I want to be DianaG when I grow up.”

Also,** Vinyl Turnip** would be one of my favorite posters if he didn’t make me pee myself laughing so much.

I’ve come back in to mention Shayna, who gave me the single smartest and wisest advice I’ve received on the board, and Oakminster, who is similiarly level-headed and rational.

First off, thanks Skald, I appreciate that.

Qadgop the Mercotan stands at the top of my list for willingness to share both his medical and Tolkien knowledge. I also greatly appreciate his love of cheese and his user name that belongs to a mostly neglected classic series of books I love and reread regularly.

Elendil’s Heir is probably the person I consider my closest friend on the board. He is nicer than me, another Tolkien enthusiast and his knowledge and love of history exceeds my own. Eventually we actually have to meet up.

Now not meaning to insult anyone else, the list is very long for me and I always forget a few names. I will this time keep it very brief with my top two.

I have posted in enough of these that I think the hundred or so posters are probably aware of my liking and respecting them.

Jim (PS: you can click my profile and see a good portion of those I consider friends.)

I love both ** DianaG ** and **Dangerosa **and sometimes wish I could have their attitude toward life. They both seem to be such take-no-shit-from-anybody kind of girls. I try, but sometimes I am not that smooth. :slight_smile:

There are people whose jokes slay me. **Cervaise and luci are two of the biggest…er, offenders.

What Exit is like the sweetest nicest person around. I sometimes think of him as a big old Saint Bernard.

There are literally tons of others I am quite fond of, and I’m sure I’ll be back in here in a bit. Those are the ones that come to mind instantly, though.

There are too many to mention. I really do admire, respect, or like a lot of you.

Quagmire the Motorcade Just because.

Q.E.D. for being entertainingly intelligent.

GorillaMan for being a better-clued-up Brit than myself on just about every British topic.

ZipperJJ for being a great help with ASP, SQL and other stuff.

Inigo Montoya for pushing the boundaries of Mundane or Weird, but doing it better than me.

To name just a few.



Only kidding :smiley:

If I ever have kids, I want to be the WhyNot kind of mom.

I always look forward to any of Stranger On A Train’s posts. If he hasn’t written a book, he really ought to.

There are several others, but my memory has too many holes in it.

I really like Jodi because she always says what I’m thinking - she just has the balls to post it and then follow up. I want to be more like her!

I like ultrafilter too because he is a genius. He’s smarter than the lot of yas, and he can kick your asses!

And thanks, Lobsang. I dunno if I’d say I admire you but often I feel sorry for you - does that help? :wink:

I’m sure I’m going to forget people. I’m terrible with names, so forgive me.

Skald, because he can get as good as he gives.

Rick, because he’s just a great guy all around.

Antinor01, not just because he’s really adorable.

Asimovian, cuz he’s good-humored and easy going.

freakalette, because of her self-confidence. Although she should post more, darnit.

Noone Special, who isn’t what his name says. =^.^=

Is it time for the bi-monthly Doper Popularity Contest again? :rolleyes:

Jodi, DianaG, jsgoddess, eleanorigby, and Kalhoun. I just like them for some reason.

Nzinga,Seated is a relative newcomer who has contributed a lot to the board. Again, we don’t always agree but always agreeing with people is no fun anyway.

even sven should get an award for Most Improved Poster. Not because she used to be a crappy poster or anything, but if you go back in the archives and read her earlier posts and compare them to the current ones, you’ll see that she’s taken her life by the horns and turned into an incredible, wonderfully interesting person.

Liberal, for being a lot less hateful than he used to be. A year ago I wouldn’t have expected his name to go unmentioned in that “Pit a poster” thread. Now he’s one of my favorite posters. Wonders never cease!

Yeah, I hear you. I get depressed about not seeing my name in these threads too.

Sam Stone,every post of his is intelligent and well put.

Damn, thanks! :slight_smile: Even old dogs can learn.

WhyNot tops my list. I don’t recall ever reading a post of hers that wasn’t very well written and reasoned. I don’t think I’ve ever read one I disagreed with either, actually.

I listen very closely when WhyNot gives parenting advice, and even gone back and read past threads. Her words have made this whole first year less scary. :slight_smile: