SDMBisms you like and enjoy for any reason.

Please list some of what makes you enjoy the Straight Dope as a counterpoint to An Gadaí’s thread SDMBisms that irk me for some reason.

I love the range of posters for so many backgrounds and countries.

I love the intelligent conversation.

I like that posters take others to task for poor spelling, punctuation and grammar. It has actually improved my writing quite a bit. (I know, I know, it still needs improvement.)

I like have so many diverse topics in one place.

I’ll say it, I like the moderation, and I think they do a damn good job. If the board was not moderated well, it would be a disaster.

I really enjoy all the Tolkien Threads without this being a Tolkien oriented board.

I actually do enjoy the old and tired Monty Python and Princess Bride references. (Sorry, but I do)

I enjoy the Dopefests and outings.

I like the documentation and links that often accompany some of the more compelling arguements as they’re often from sources I don’t always frequent and might not have found otherwise.

I like the humor and many dopers have it in spades.

Sometimes the expertise you come across here is simply astonishing.

I like the fact we have technical threads and technical posters without this being a technical board. I subscribe to plenty of technical Usenet groups and none of them are as fun as this place.

I like the fact this place reminds me of the better parts of Usenet, the ones without the spam and without the mindless trolling snarky shit.

I like the fact we can have endless arguments without completely polarizing the board over them.

I like that every day, without fail, I will come across a post that makes me laugh. Sometimes it’s silliness, sometimes it’s sophisticated humor, sometimes it is the perfect bit of sarcasm at the just right moment, but there is always something.

Oh yeah, I like the kitty threads, too.

Most everything, or I wouldn’t spend as much time here as I do. There’s a culture here that I’ve always enjoyed, and there’s a huge variety of knowledgeable and funny posters talking about tons of different topics that are interesting to me or just catch my eye for depth or bizarre-itude. It’s a terrific place to hang out.

I love the puns.

I read that as “I love the porn.” and for a second, thought I’d missed a sub-forum.

I like the strange things posters come across because they frequent corners of the web that I would never think to go into–mainly because I had no idea they existed.

Not an ism, really, but I like the balance of freedom, civility, intelligent discourse, and general interest that one just doesn’t find elsewhere in the forumsphere. 99.9% of web discussions are either hobby shops or moosh pits. How do we do it?

Oh, and the kittyluv. 'Specially since I really miss my ole ratbag.

It’s high time that the SDMB had a porn forum, so that those who want filth can find it easily.

But one of the things that I like about here is that people can talk dirty (not every Internet forum allows that!), and they can do it intelligently as well.

I like the fact nothing here is explicitly child-friendly, which means it’s actually friendlier to real kids than it would otherwise be. Beyond a certain age (younger than you may want to think, if you’re a parent), kids know they’re living in the Real World and become hungry for uncensored knowledge. This place occupies a wonderful place in a sweet spot between decorum, curiosity, and shock value: It’s all here, it’s all presented by and for adults, but it isn’t ever dry.

The fact that I have yet to see anyone use LOL as frequently (or more often) than they use other forms of punctuation.

The SQUEEEEEEEEEEENEWKITTY threads that routinely pop up.

The fact that no matter how much of an authority I think I might be on any given subject, it’s a guarantee that someone around here will still make me look like a complete n00b in comparison.

  • I love the sheer breadth of the place. Ask a question on anything. Odds are that within 30 minutes there will be several attempts to answer, some more substantial than others, but within 5 hours someone with a doctorate or 20 years experience with whatever you are asking about will show up and tell you more than you ever wanted to know on the subject.

  • I love the wits. And the half-wits, for that matter.

  • I like the in-jokes, references, shorthand and other little mannerisms that makes this place feel like a community, not just a random group of strangers.

  • I love that we have Empiricists as well as Theoreticians on this board. Ask a question about, oh, “What pan-fried semen would taste like?” Eventually we will hear from people who extrapolate from known ingredients and hypothesize and answer, and then we get someone who fries up a load and tells us!

seconding gigi - I love the puns. And I’ll admit booby / tits visual puns never get old for me.

I like that random strangers that I will probably never meet will give me genuinely caring advice, I like that (most) posts are coherently written, properly punctuated and capitalized in all the right spots and I treasure the ability of the SDMB to show me two sides of any issue.

Oh yeah, the dirty jokes and general filth are awesome too.

I love the posters.

I love the Kitty Threads.

I love Hi Opal!

I love intelligence.

I love the whole Dope

and all its posts and threads!

(Boom-de-ah-da, Boom-de-ah-da, Boom-de-ah-da, Boom-de-ah-da!)


I agree with this. Never thought of it before, but I agree with that.

I love this place to pieces, I do.

I love ‘building’ with all of the folks on the SDMB. I may be naive, or maybe it is because I am not formally educated to a great degree, but I really do find the people on this board smarter than the average cats I come across daily.

And they crack me up so much. I laugh more here than anywhere. And for someone who likes to laugh as much as me, that’s really saying something.


Who’s been outed?

:slight_smile: I love posts like this.

The unexpected bits of quirkiness that tickle your brain. The way posters can relate a topic to just about anything. I like how references to stuff is casual and smart, where humor isn’t a banal fart joke but something a little higher, and often it’s not just referencing something but you’ll find a post done in the style of the thing. “What if LOTR had been written…” is like that.

Sometimes threads are very esoteric and heated. And sometimes they are silly. In Threadspotting I remember a thread about Abraham Lincoln that was mostly about pie.

Oh pun, says me.