Get A Web Site Designed By Spider Woman!

All righty then posters and lurkers alike. Time to have your own Web Site designed by this board’s most favorite webslinger of them all, Spider Woman!

Please list your occupation, hobbies, phobias, fetishes and all sorts of information that will help her to create your own customized home page. Numbers and ages of children, pets, lifestyle, cars you drive and any other data will assist her immensely to make this a crack up thread.


Let the web spinning begin!

Spider Woman, recently appointed Baroness of All Eight-Legged Spidery Things, glances in at her brand new thread between gathering spiderlings for the Calvinball thread.

Waves, blows kisses:

----:)/ x o x o x o

Between these virtual spider babies and human babies that monopolize the computer, I pledge to fufill my webbing duties as diligently as time allows.

Wow, looks like I get to be the first to put in a request.

Let’s see, what info do I need to give…

Good: Dragons, cats and other felines, Calvin & Hobbes, wolves, books, science fiction, fantasy, comics, chocolate, pizza, weekends, country music, purple things, snowflakes, horses, deer.

Bad: Licorice, getting up in the morning, Junebugs, papercuts, moldy fruit.

I don’t have any children or pets at the moment. I have a red 2001 Saturn SL1.

I can’t think of anything else to add, but let me know if you want any specifics.

Numbers and ages of children, pets, lifestyle, cars you drive and any other data will assist her immensely to make this a crack up thread.

Well, I don’t have kids, probably because I’m too young to, well I could but then I’d ruin the rest of my life. I have a puppy dog, he’s my baby and I love him, he’s turning 4 in February. I love to bake looks up at her frosting splotched hair and clothes and face even though I did get into a frosting fight with my friend Martin over it. I adore my best friend, Rachel, she’s on the boards too, Jedi Girl. I fully believe that most men are scum because of my ex boyfriend who is also on the boards and I’ve started treads about, the white guy. But I won’t say his name because that’d be mean and I don’t feel like causing him pain just because he caused me pain. I adore fantasy literature, David Eddings is my favorite author. I have a minor obsession with the soundtrack to Les Miserables. I hate my school much of the time but love the soccer program. I’m a little person (5’3"ish) long brown hair, brown eyes, Mexican and damn proud of it… Well I think I’m elaborating just a bit too much, if you need anything else, just look through my thread of titles, it’s a good representation of my humor. Thanks bunches, love ya!


Entry Barred before Noon
[But if you must, do so QUIETLY!]

[li]Dragons and[/li][li]Felines and[/li][li]Canis Lupus[/li][li]Oh My![/ul][/li]Kat Opts
[li]Snowflakes[/li][li]Equine Equality[/li][li] Worship at the Chocolate Altar[/li][
]Purple Passion

Noticed just as I hit submit, that should be Kavernous.

Fairy Princess Kitty, I fear I am being bumped from the computer till morning. I hope to work on yours then.

----:)/ x o x o

Ooh, sounds like fun. If it’s not too much trouble:

  • occupation: administrative assistant - large national/international environmental organization

  • hobbies: [in addition to profile] painting, singing, collecting carousel animals, annoying people, straightening merchandise at retail stores especially when I don’t work there,

  • phobias/dislikes: cockroaches (yick!), nosy and/or arrogant people, onions

  • fetishes/preferences: Canadians

  • numbers and ages of children: none, no way, nu-uh, not for awhile - still single

  • pets: 2 - 1 overly-active cat-from-hell; 1 cockatiel

  • lifestyle: overly straight-laced know-it-all with occasional lapses into hedonism (occuring with much more frequency than beore)

  • cars you drive: Lemon (Suzuki Esteem wagon - grrrrr! don’t even get me started on this unless you have all day!)

  • any other data: I like owls (of course) and other birds of prey, cat person; Monty Python and other British comedy programs; I still play with Legos and assorted toys; I have way too many books, bolts of fabric, animal cages, fencing equipment and plants in my home; I played French horn (til I sold it :frowning: ); [see also profile]

Gah, I’m going to think of lots more after I hit submit. Oh, read my posts - they probably say more than I can right now.

[sup]Haven from all that is Timely and Real[/sup]

[li]Her Loyal Subjects[/li][li]Flora[/li][li]Fauna[/li][li]Geography[/ul][/li]Royal Preferences
[li]Les Miserables[/li][li]Center for Mexican American Studies[/li][li]Fantasy Socccer[/li][
]Royal Baking School

[li]Habitat[/li][li]Indoor Forestry[/li][li]Other Beasts of the Night[/li][li]Heavenly Bodies[/ul][/li]Pellet Palate
[li]Pythons and other unreptiles[/li][li]Nocturneal Flights of Fancy[/li][li]Leggo my LEGOS![/li]Horned Owls?


I am severely impressed.

Canadian fencers.
and a picture of my kin

[high estrogenic voice]
(de widdle fuzzy screechy bebes are joost zo darn keyuuute!).
[/high estrogenic voice]

and so much more.

The picture of the owl on the ‘fence’ - amazing - truly amazing.

Spider Woman, you are amazing. You rock!

Except for the fact I am going to be up most of the night reading the websites!

Thank you thank you thank you!!!

Hey there Spider chicy! I had to get in on this one, as my title is apparently lost in the House of Lords… hehehe

Some info!

  • occupation: Batch Monitor with EDS… boring, but pay is decent for a guy with no college.

  • hobbies: the SCA, history in general, gothy music, reading, and now Import Racing

  • phobias/dislikes: ignorance, loneliness

  • fetishes/preferences: Redheads, Asian ladies, light DS, vampire erotica, smaller women (hellllllo FPK!)

  • numbers and ages of children: my son is 3, my daughter is 5

  • pets: other than the kids, nothing now.

  • lifestyle: Into SCA, martial arts, some swinging, and having a good time in a hedonistic fashion…

  • cars you drive: none, but I will be picking up a Civic Hatchback at some point this year…

  • any other data: I’m a freak, and a romantic. I spend too much time surfing the net at work, and I need to buy new clothes.

I would honestly like to ask you for a webpage, but these seem to be so much work for you!

So I don’t want one, really. But I did want to post to this thread to compliment you on your formidable abilities! :slight_smile:

Tristan, I will be doing research and work on yours this morning.

DRY, thank you so much for the compliment. If you want your own webby deal, you may have one also.

----:)/ x o x o x o

[sup]Leave your troubles at the door and step in for a while![/sup]
Tristan’s Tropisms
[li]Time Travel[/li][li]Trinkets[/li][li]Trifling[/li]Trappings

** And all the men and women merely players. . .**
[SUP]-As You Like It, ACT 2, Scene vii[/sup]

Beloved Bardisms[ul]
[li]Then how can it be said I am alone[/li]When all the world is here to look on me? [sup]A Midsummer Night’s Dream, ACT 2, Scene iii[/sup]
[li]Now is the winter of our discontent. . .[sup]Richard III, ACT 1, Scene i[/sup][/li][li]The Comedy of Errors []All’s Well That Ends Well[/ul][/li]Other Arenas
[li]Pawns and Other Players[/li][li]. . .striking in the field, , ,? [sup]King Henry VI (Part One) ACT 1, Scene iii[/sup][
]These antique fables. .[sup]A Midsummer Night’s Dream, ACT 5, Scene i[/sup][/li]What fools these mortals be![sup]A Midsummer Night’s Dream, ACT 3, Scene ii[/sup]

“Evermore thanks,
the exchequer of the poor;
Which, till my infant fortune
comes to years,
Stands for my bounty”
–Richard II, Act 2, Scene iii

I really can’t convey how touched I am by your efforts. This ranks among the nicest things anyone has ever done for me here!

You can have a Shakespearean quote (or virtually anything else from me) any time you want!

Thank you also to Zenster, whose idea this was.

Spider Woman, I deeply appreciate this and thank you again. And if I may humbly beseech you and beg your indulgence for one more favor, I’d like to ask for a web site for my best friend here, the wonderful Medea’s Child. I’ll try to get her to stop by in the morning.

I can’t seem to stop praising you!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

It was a joy to work on your “web”-site because Shakespeare is so beautiful, and because your quotes always bring a smile to my face.

I’ll try to get Medea’s Child’s research done today, and hopefully finish her mini-site also.

----:)/ x o x o x o

Occupation: None (Loser!) :slight_smile:

Hobbies: Singing, dancing, reading, writing.

Phobias: Heights, deep water, the dark, tall men, large crowds, being in a house/building alone, walking outside alone, driving at night alone (the list goes on and on)

Things I like: Dragons, books, gems, fire, exploring old buildings/houses, driving

Things I dislike: Shopping, mean people

No children, one pet. A small black kitten named Shadow.

And I’m hungry right now, if that helps.

Medea’s Child
[sup]Wherein all may look, but not all might see.[/sup]
Flights of Fancy[ul]
[li] Gods and Goddesses[/li][li] Faerie Friends[/li][li] Pretty Sparklies[/li][li]Furry Friends[/ul][/li]Further Facets
[li]Portals to Other Worlds[/li][li]Ultimate Theater[/li][li]Dream Lands[/li]I think, therefore I am. [sup]Rene Descartes[/sup]

I will be off the computer for a while, possibly till tomorrow morning, so please allow at least 24 hours.

----:)/ x o x o