Looking for fictional accounts of Moses in the desert

Besides the Bible, you wiseasses.

I’m looking for fictional accounts of Moses leading the Jews through the desert for 40 years. I would rather the trip be the focus of the book instead of just a chapter in a story about Moses and/or the Jews.

Here’s a Straight Dope columnthat deals with this subject… from 1981. That was just about the time of Moses, wasn’t it?

What I am looking for is fictional(by design) stories/books involving Moses and the Jewish 40 year trek through the desert.



Manna! Yum! (Like Lembas?)


Hey - Moses is away. Let’s melt all our gold and make a cow!



Look at that land of Scotch and Soda! Moses, you’re a wet blanket; you’re not invited. But we’re still taking the gold cow.

The End.


I like this. This is the Oregon Trail video game treatment of the story. :stuck_out_tongue:

I wish I could remember the details, but about a dozen years ago I reviewed a novel on the subject, told from the point of view of Moses’s sister Miriam. I was required to finish it; I doubt anyone else but the author and her editor did. I’ll try to check my records when I get home.

Was it this one?

I don’t think so. The one I read was by a small academic press, and the publication date of the book in the link was published about 20 years too early.