Looking For Icarus

(Not sure if this is the right forum) My GF wanted to read my version of Orpheus and Icarus. I found my version of Orpheus on LiveJournal and copied and pasted it for her. I cannot find my Icarus story. I know it was in an issue of Teemings, but I don’t know what issue or whether any issues are still on the net. I searched for it on my laptop drive and couldn’t find Icarus. I’d greatly appreciate any help in locating the son of Daedelus.

BTW- If anybody else wants to read my Orpheus, here it is

Can’t help you with Icarus, but I did appreciate Orpheus. I didn’t recall the part about him tearing his eyes out, did that happen? I guess I could go find my Edith Hamilton, but easier to ask.

I don’t remember that version either. I’m sure I read Virgil’s, but I also remember the version with the head of Orpheus floating down the river singing.

Orpheus blinding himself to cheat Hades and ensure a happy ending is my own invention. In my Icarus, Icarus dies from flying too close to the sun - bu he dies feeling joy and a sense of great accomplishment.

I dug up a way to access the the old Teemings zines from the Internet Archive.

Here: Wayback Machine

That link takes you to a sitemap for the site that the zines were posted on, back in the day. The most complete version seems to be for 2004, with the last issue being issue 18. If you select 2004, then mouse over the rings of the map, you can find various sections of the site, including individual issues. (The easiest way to pick an issue to look at is to click on the ring for any random issue you can find, then just change the issue number in the URL.)

A cursory search through the available issues didn’t turn up what you’re looking for, but at least this will let you go through the issues systematically to see if it’s in there.

Aside: there’s some other stuff archived there that might interest long-time Dopers. I think all the “What if LotR had been written by someone else?” entries are there, plus a gallery and some other things.

wow I remember that thread inflated our membership numbers because people joined to be in that thread once or twice and never posted anything anywhere else

I used to daydream about writing a play about Icarus, where he got separated from his father in their escape, but landed safe and sound on some unknown but occupied island, where stuff happens and he is a hero. I always hated those myths where someone who does things that are out of bounds (like Prometheus) has to pay for it with their life, or worse, eternal torment.

I once wrote a character for a game who was a wisp (fire creature) from Tartarus that had attached itself as an “apprentice” to Icarus in the underworld. Together, they had unleashed all sorts of “helpful” inventions on the afterlife until Hades finally threw them out. The Lethe-water sprinkler system was the last straw, because no one could remember how to turn it off.