Looking for info on Emerson switchboards

I’m considering buying an Emerson switchboard as a Christmas gift for someone. But I’d like to know a little more about them. The only online information I can find is from sites that are selling them. I’m somewhat worried because these sites don’t seem like the most reputable places.

Can anyone tell me about these devices or direct me to a better source of online information about them?

Theres an old thread in GQ about them. From what I could tell they aren’t all they are cracked up to be. You plug it in and go online, when you recieve a call you are able to pick up and say hi whatever while the internet stays on. However the internet does not stay on for long, it realizes that you are using the phone so it disconnects in about 2-30 seconds. Phone companies provide a similar service but I’ll assume it cost more than a switchboard.

The local Radio Shark…er, Radio Shack here is selling a modem that has something similar in it. The blurb on the box says it’s a good deal (of course it says that!). IIRC, it’s a Diamond-something modem.